Modality Therapy Equipment for Sale $ Healing Light $ Diathermy $ Ultra-Sound $ TENS $ EMS $ Mobility Beds for Long Term Care & Rehab Facilities

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Select Your Modality Equipment from Chattanooga's Premium Products

Our industry leading products can be found in hospitals and clinics across the nation.

  • NEVER OUT OF DATE: our modality equipment uses a computer-based platform for continuous upgrades

  • NO RAW DATA TO INTERPRET: our entire line uses built-in protocols and rationale

  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: factory trained clinical and tech support staff are on call

  • CONTINUING EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES: choose from over 80 courses, webinars, seminars, clinics, and on-site training


 These are just a few of the fine products we sell and service. Call us for your specific needs, or how to make the transition from ACP.

Vectra Genisys


Intelect TranSport

Electrotherapy Surface EMG Ultrasound

Electrotherapy for Dysphagia

Portable Electrotherapy and Ultrasound

SWD 100

Vectra Laser


Shortwave Diathermy for Deep Heating

Portable Low Level Laser Therapy for Tissue Healing

Mobile Exercise Platform to Facilitate Weight Bearing


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