Modality Therapy Equipment for Sale $ Healing Light $ Diathermy $ Ultra-Sound $ TENS $ EMS $ Mobility Beds for Long Term Care & Rehab Facilities

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Modalities are a great way to treat patients...

equipment for modality therapies 

but high rental fees for equipment can really hurt your bottom line 

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Because he...



SAVED his practice thousands of dollars in rental fees by BUYING his MT equipment 


BOUGHT the latest MT devices at great savings 


USES his MT equipment HIS way to give his patients the best possible care 

And he also got professional installation, training for his entire staff, and continuing education in the use of his modalities equipment. You can too. All it takes is a phone call.



Times are tough and with Obama-care looming in the very near future, it's going to be even harder for most private practices, long-term care facilities, and rehab centers just to stay in business... let alone make a decent profit. But you can't afford to cut the quality of your services, or you'll lose patients.

If you're like most facilities, you're renting your modalities equipment, and paying never-ending high fees for it every month.  So why not turn that liability into an asset?

Call today and ask for a FREE appraisal of your situation by a knowledgeable MT specialist who works right here in the US, and not a call center in some third world country.


Why rent, when you can own?


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